mountains and clouds

The mountain

When I was 10, I used to sit next to my portable record player on my bedroom floor, surrounded by 45s. While I was changing the records, I would tell stories into a microphone, which was actually just the top end of my hockey stick. At 15, I interned for the summer at a rock radio station in Providence. By the next year, I was on the air and living my childhood dream of being a radio DJ.

I worked at rock stations in Eugene while I studied acting at the University of Oregon. After graduation, I was ready for a new dream: move to California and live in a cabin in the wilderness. That one took a little longer and involved sailing a small boat from SF to Key West, riding a bike from SF to LA, and a stint in non-profit marketing. For a while now, “the mountain” as the neighbors call it, has been home.

For the past decade, I’ve been a voice actor and writer working out of San Francisco and Los Angeles. From my studio here at the cabin, I coach voice acting via skype. I also host and produce Listen To Sleep, a free weekly podcast with slow, quiet stories to help you fall asleep or just chill.

I like Twitter. I also blog about the process of making the podcast, voice acting and Bodhi, the dog who owns me.

Or there’s Instagram. Here are some recent pics from that. But enough about me. How are you?