Affiliates & Sponsors

This week, I’ve finished setting up the first affiliate sponsor of the podcast. I found a company with great products that are a good fit for the show, and I really like them. They’ll be doing a 12 show run to start. I’ll talk about my experience with the product and let listeners know about the brand’s current promotions. I’m super excited about this.

I also had a cold call from an advertiser of a product that helps some people sleep. This would be a straight-up sponsorship, and again, it seems like a good fit. It was good to sit down and iron out rates anyway.

I lowered the price of the premium membership to the podcast which includes the extended editions that have nature sounds I record myself under the story with no ads or introductions for people who prefer those. At $3/month or $24/year, they are less than half of what most of the other sleepy story premium podcasts and apps are charging. Seems about right. I’m planning a promotion on this for the month of December as well.

Growth continues at about 33% month over month, which basically doubles the audience every three months at the current rate. I decided to do something fun for October, so I’ve made it “Creepy but Sleepy” month and I’m ready stories that are a little creepy and very sleepy. This week’s trailer came out today. Got some great spooky footage after the rain this morning at the cabin. Have a look.

"Creepy but Sleepy" October continues on the podcast with The Hollow of the Three Hills by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The premium episode has the sound of rain hitting the roof of the yurt at night in the background and you can hear a clip of it in the trailer.