Episode 4! Ruminations on the first month of L2S

L2S is the acronym my friend gave the Listen To Sleep podcast, and I kinda love it. It sounds like it’s maybe the name of a collaboration project between a Central American gang and the Mormon church? Which has absolutely nothing to do with a podcast that helps people fall asleep, but I’m a big fan of acronyms and randomness, so there ya go.

The trailers for Episode 4 went up today and the episode comes out tomorrow. I’m enjoying the process of honing this idea as I create new episodes. This week, I used the recording of the first story I recorded for this project almost 2 years ago. It’s topical and it’s a story I really love. It makes a great bedtime story too. It was the “proof of concept” I needed to see if this podcast idea would work, so I’m happy to be able to use it in the final product.

The routine of the process has turned into a great hook to hang my weekdays on. Normally, I do auditions for my work as a voice actor in the mornings and schedule gigs for later in the day. This leaves good chunks that I previously kept unscheduled. Now these blocks are filled with researching stories, recording them, recording natural audio (like the creek) for the premium editions, and making the video trailers. The routine has both upped my overall productivity and my mood. It’s nice to have a passion project, and this is that for me.

I also love having something to work on and polish. This idea started so roughly and was very seat-of-the-pants. Each week, it gets more polished and that process is both challenging and satisfying. And collaborative. Like, I hadn’t thought much about doing poetry, but in talking with a friend this week, he suggested a few poems for me to check out and now, episode 6 will be a 30 minute poem from the 1800s.

All in all, I’m so happy to be one day away from releasing the fourth episode and I’m hoping the 52nd and beyond are just as fun and satisfying.