Forever Chords. Or how I learned to stop procrastinating and start making.

This morning episode 3 of the podcast went out and I was thinking back on how I got here. The idea came to me last year when I was thinking of ways to help my mom get to sleep. She’s had on and off, but mostly on, insomnia for a while now. At the time, I was also reading a lot of old books that are in the public domain that fewer and fewer people seem to be reading. Since I read things for a living as a voice actor, I thought I might be able to bring these things together and create something. I recorded one story, which is actually going to be next week’s podcast episode, and that was pretty much that. My mom and my friends loved it, but my mom loves everything I do. (She’s a great mom.) Then I got busy with other things and nothing else happened with that idea.

Fast forward ahead one year, and one of my favorite bands, Strand of Oaks, released the album Eraserland. Tim Showalter, the singer and writer, asked fans to cover a song on it called Forever Chords. I spent an afternoon knocking out a simple tune on the synth and doing a spoken-word version of the song, then threw it on some video I had recorded but never used, and voila! I was super happy with both the process and the result. So, Listen To Sleep is basically a continuation of a failed idea reborn after the fun I had making this video. I hope you like it too.