Hitting my stride with Episode 10

Episode 10 of the podcast went up yesterday. It’s been two and a half months of learning and tweeking, but it feels like it’s settling into a good groove now. Listeners and downloads have been growing by 50 - 100% week over week and tomorrow it should hit 2000 downloads, with almost half of those coming in the last two weeks alone.

Spotify is where over 50% of the audience is coming from, which I hadn’t expected. So far, it hasn’t been featured anywhere that I can tell. It’s all been word of mouth, so I’m hoping this growth rate will continue punctuated by some features or reviews on other sites. I’m thrilled with how it’s going, and the feedback so far has been great. Almost 100% of listeners are listening all the way through to the end and everyone who has subscribed is staying subscribed, so I’m taking that to mean people are falling asleep when they listen.

I bought a Creative Live course on podcasting that was too cheap to pass up. It was a few years old, but had a module on promotion and another on story telling and it only cost $17. Well worth the investment, and I had never heard of Lewis Howes before. His module on promotion was worth the price alone.

Also, I’ve started an email list for the podcast. I’ll be recording bonus episodes in the coming months and will send emails about these episodes and special promotions. You can get a free extended episode download if you sign up.